Current Reading: Barefoot Contessa

So one of my Christmas presents was Barefoot Contessa’s book How Easy is That?

And by “present,” I mean I found it with a bunch of bookmarks next to my mom’s chair, and she said, “Oh, shoot, I was going to wrap that for you.” (This is how I get most of my presents from my mom, actually.) Anyway, I flipped through the book and dismissed it right off– I saw recipes calling for foie gras, lobster and shells, and truffle butter. Nice, but not exactly anything I can make.

But now that I’ve given it a closer look, I like it rather a lot. In between the fancy stuff is great basic recipes with tasty twists. Her recipe for homemade caramels came out great, and yesterday I made her dutch oven “risotto” and it turned out super tasty. I’m excited to try the recipe for French lentils and the Tuscan White Beans. And the desserts look awesome: cranberry apple cake, here I come. So, Barefoot Contessa and Mom: you win.


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