Tonight’s Drinkin’: Widmer Brother’s Deadlift IPA

So it occurred to me that if this is Poor, Drunk and Hungry, I better talk about drinking.

One of my favorite grocery stores in town, Orange Street Food Farm, has this magical thing we call the 89 cent rack. It’s a rack in an odd corner of the store that holds random beers that got displaced from their six-pack, or seasonal stuff that’s about to expire. So you can get really awesome microbrews for 89 cents each– that’s about 5 bucks a six pack. God, it’s magical. A word on Orange Street: it’s the kind of grocery store that sells more beer and wine than food and always has delightful random teas and canned tomatoes on its clearance rack. So, my kinda grocery store. Even the Decemberists sang about the Orange Street Food Farm.

So, even though I am quite low on cash, I have sampled a plethora of delightful beers through the 89 cent rack. Today, in search of something to ease my incessant anxiety about impending graduation (whoa, check out my kickass vocabulary. fuck yeah) the 89 cent rack offered up Widmer Brother’s Deadlift Imperial IPA. Noting that this beer is 8.6 percent, I decided I needed to try this.

So, now that I’ve killed one and am contemplating opening another, I must say that this Deadlift IPA is excellent for easing my worries about whether I will find a job after graduation. (I think this is my criteria for most alcohol.) Also, it is tasty and not overly piney, which is my problem with most IPAs. Why must IPAs taste like drinking a pine tree? I don’t know. But this Deadlift… this is excellent.

Kate’s Approval Points: 8 out of 10. (My scale: Bud light is zero, and Bayern Doppelbock is 10.)

Note: I’m not getting paid to review stuff, which I hope is pretty obvious. I like to talk about beer.


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