Tonight’s Drinkin’: Deschutes’ Jubelale

maybe it's better during Christmas?

I have written before about the wonderful sales at the incomparable Orange Street Food Farm. Yesterday, the Food Farm proffered forth this beverage: Deschutes’ Jubelale, their Christmas seasonal, on sale for nine dollars for a case since we’re well into January.

That’s right. Nine dollars for twelve beers. I can sort of do math (go easy on me, I’m getting a journalism degree here) and I can tell that that is some really cheap microbrew right there. I could not resist. I carried it home with a buddy and we proceeded to play Boggle and knock a couple back.

Yes. I party that hard. Anyway, I typically quite enjoy Deschutes brews. But I’m not super impressed with this. Last night, I thought it was because we drank it warm. Today it’s chilled, but I’m still not enjoying it as much as I thought I would. Perhaps because it’s old? It seems a little overly bitter for me. (Sorry, I’m not capable of noting whether something has “notes of chocolate and espresso” or whatever. My palate is inferior, apparently.)

Granted, it’s still a pretty good beer. I’ll choke it down somehow. The label sure is pretty! I would still definitely recommend anyone in the Missoula area get themselves a case while the getting is good. At 6.7 percent, and currently as cheap as PBR, it’s worth your while–and gets better the more you drink.

Kate’s Beer Rating: 6/10 (One being Bud Light, 10 being Bayern Doppelbock.)


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