Tonight’s Drinkin: Kona Brewing’s Pipeline Porter

also, you can learn a lot about a person by their desktop background.

So me and some cohorts took a trip to Orange St. Food Farm today to see what the 89 cent rack would offer forth. And today was like Christmas! Beer Christmas! I brought home six different beers I’m excited to try. More reviews will be forthcoming. Since it’s rainy and shitty out, I decided to first take a trip to Hawaii and crack open the Pipeline Porter from Kona Brewing Company. I’ve had this before, but never subjected it to analysis. And I firmly believe one should thoroughly analyze beer. Repeatedly.

And conclusion: super tasty beer. Granted, I really like dark beers, and porters are like drinking a dessert. This Pipeline is very smooth, and not as heavy or sweet as some porters I’ve had. I can taste a little coffee, but it’s not an overpowering flavor. My roommate, Elise, doesn’t care for porters as much, but still manages to drink it on occasion.

I do, however, wish I knew what percent it was. Drives me crazy when beers don’t label their alcoholic content. I like to know precisely how drunk I’m about to get, see.

I’m also not sure why it’s labeled “Limited Release,” when this beer’s been around for years. I remember first trying it a few years ago when I had a roommate who used to live in Hawaii, so he had an especial fondness for Hawaiian beers. Maybe they mean seasonal? It’s a mystery. Anyway, I’m feeling warm and nice on this rather crappy Montana evening and dreaming longingly of palm trees.

So, on Kate’s Beer Scale: 7/10. Aloha!


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