Tonight’s Drinkin: Widmer Brother’s Brrr Ale

So I’m still working through some of the awesome sale beers I got at Orange St. yesterday. Today in Missoula we had ourselves a little blizzard. I walked through the snow and kept thinking about that really stupid Ke$ha lyric where she’s “poppin’ bottles in the ice like a blizzard, When we drink we do it right gettin’ slizzard.”

I can only marvel at what masterful genius of the English language was needed to come up with that. And just now while Googling the lyrics, I found some site asking “What does ‘slizzard’ mean? I assume it’s a reference to getting drunk.”

Really, people? I actually thought this might have been a post from my little brother. (By little, I mean he is almost 20, for God’s sake.) The other day while we were driving Katy Perry’s pop masterpiece (and by masterpiece, I mean unbearable piece of crap) “California Gurls” came up and he asked me what she meant by “sunkissed skin so hot, we melt your popsicle.”

That was fun to explain. Anyway, this Widmer Brother’s Brrr ale is good. It’s 7.2 percent, a tad bitter and fuckin’ tasty.

Kate’s Beer Rating: 8/10


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