Tonight’s Drinkin: Glacier Brewing Company Flathead Cherry Ale

but the label is so pretty...

Today, I has a sad. There’s a microbrew in the world that I don’t care for. (Hate is a strong word. I mean, it’s still beer.)

I was super excited to try Glacier Brewing Company’s Flathead cherry ale, because I love Flathead cherries AND ale. So what could go wrong? I remembered I really loved a cherry porter I had once, and thought this might be as good.

When we got home, I looked at the label and noted, to my dismay, that it uses Red 40 food dye. (It’s an allergen and can cause health problems in kids. I realize they probably don’t expect kids to be drinking this…but still. Not cool.)

So me and drinking buddy Elise cracked one open and poured it into a glass. It was… not as red as we’d expected. We took a sip and… meh. Kind of watery, flat and fake tasting. No body or depth of flavor whatsoever. Strike two.

I looked at the label again and noted that it also contains artificial flavoring. So this doesn’t even have any actual Flathead cherries in it? Strike three.

When my little brother got home, we gave it to him. My brother is, shall we say, not a beer connoisseur. He enjoys Bud Light, for God’s sake. So we figured he’d like this bland, artificial beer. We handed it to him and told him to try it. “It tastes like spit,” he said. Ouch.

So, I should note that this is still drinkable–Elise called it “the PBR of microbrews.” But I wouldn’t get this again, not just because it’s not very good, but because all the weird fake crap in it would make my German forebears weep. I don’t like to drink or eat stuff that my ancestors wouldn’t have recognized as food. In the meantime, I’m gonna look for the Lang Creek cherry porter–it’s an obscure brewery based out of Marion, Montana, and I don’t often see their stuff in stores, but it beats the hell out of this flathead cherry ale.

Kate’s Beer Rating: 2/10.


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