Today’s Drinkin: Madison River’s Copper John Scotch Ale

Just when I am super broke, the 89 cent rack comes through for me in a major way. Yesterday, me and my drinking buddy Elise were delighted to find brews from Madison River brewing company in Belgrade.

The first beer I grabbed was this Copper John scotch-style ale. I love me some scotch ales, and this does not disappoint. It’s a little more bitter than most scotch ales I’m used to (here I refer to Coldsmoke, against which I measure all scotch ales) but still pretty smooth, rich and tasty.

I also think their fly fishing theme is pretty darn cute. I like microbreweries that have themes, because I’m a sucker. (What is Kettlehouse’s theme, anyway? Judging by Olde Bongwater and Coldsmoke, it’s “stoner snowboarder.” Not that I have a problem with that.)

I am only sad that Madison River’s taproom is only open on Tuesdays, because I’d really like to stop by sometime when I’m driving to Billings. For now, I’ll keep my eyes peeled for this in stores.

Kate’s Beer Rating: 7/10


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