Tonight’s Drinkin’: Black Star Golden Lager

I'm a sucker for yellow and orange labels.

Some good things are all about place and time. Fresh tomatoes, for instance, should only be eaten in the fall, when they’re in season. Tomatoes shipped from Mexico in January suck.

The same goes for me and lighter beers–I only like them in the summer. I grabbed this Great Northern Brewing Company Black Star Lager off the Orange St. 89 cent rack, thinking I’d save it for a warm-ish day. It’s a balmy 38 degrees today, but this beer isn’t doing it for me. It’s March. I want an Irish stout.

I think this Black Star lager is like, the PBR of microbrews. In its favor, it is certainly hoppier than PBR, and has a lot more depth.

I also don’t like drinking out of cans in the winter. Yes, I know they invented koozies for a reason, but I just deeply associate cans with drinking diet Pepsi on hot summer days as a kid.

I feel like I’ll be much more enthusiastic about this Black Star come July. I want to sip this on a porch on a summer evening while grilling chicken for dinner. Then we’ll see.

Kate’s beer rating: 5/10


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