Paddles, PBR and Scott Biram

left to right: Espresso porter, IPA 2, Pale Ale, Stout

And now, a word on paddles.

As you can see, a paddle is a sampler of 4 half-pints of beer. My drinking buddy Elise and like to go out to Flathead Brewing’s Missoula brewpub for the occasional paddle. It’s perfect for me, because I like to sample different kinds of beer but I cannot afford nor drink four entire pints of strong microbrews and walk out unassisted.

So the other day we got Flathead Brewing’s espresso porter, the IPA 2, pale ale, and stout. All about six percent ABU, except for the IPA 2 that’s 9 percent. And all quite tasty! I am disappointed that they haven’t changed their menu since I was last there in November, and they don’t have any spring seasonals yet. Hopefully that will change soon, and I get paddled again.

Oh, and after drinking good beer, we went to see Scott Biram and got silly on $2.50 pints of PBR. Then at 2 a.m. we went to the Oxford saloon and waited 45 minutes for a burger and fries. That’s being poor, drunk and hungry for you.


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