Tonight’s Drinkin: Kettlehouse Joe Bong Coffee Hemp Porter

Growler's are a girl's best friend

I have a shit-ton of homework piling up on me. (Yes, I do believe “shit-ton” is a scientific unit.) I’m keeping this post short for that very reason. So for a shit-ton of homework, one needs plenty of motivation. And a growler of coffee porter is about the best damn motivation I can think of.

Kettlehouse makes some incredibly unique beers, including this one. “Joe Bong” is a hemp porter with coffee. It tastes like deep, rich porter. And it tastes like coffee. I’m not sure how my German forebears would feel about the Reinheitsgebot getting broken here, but considering it’s 5 percent and has a pretty good kick of caffeine, it’s the perfect beer do to homework with.

Kate’s Beer Rating: 10/10

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