Tonight’s Drinkin: Michelob Winter’s Bourbon Cask Ale

Winter's Bourbon Cask Ale. Also: Dustin and Melissa FOREVER, man!! (Yay for random pint glasses left behind in my apartment.)

Yes, that’s right, it’s almost April and I’m reviewing a winter beer. Timely. That’s how we roll here at Poor, Drunk and Hungry. I buy the beer on sale, bitches.

So I realize this is a Michelob beer. I don’t necessarily mind buying the mega brewing companies’ faux-microbrews, like this one. I’m not against brewing massive amounts of beer, per se, I am against brewing massive amounts of shitty beer.

Anyway, so what this Winter’s Bourbon Cask Ale has going for it is a cute little snowperson on the label. (Yeah, I said snowperson. Why must we gender a frozen ball of ice?) But then I opened it.

Holy vanilla, batman.

So for a vanilla extract, this is very drinkable. For a beer, yikes.

Also, not that I often pay attention, but there was like zero head on this when I poured it. And baby, you gotta give me a little head.

I know other people like this beer a lot–and the rest of the Orange St. sale rack is all yours.

Kate’s Beer Rating: 3/10


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