leftovers: all you need is an egg and a fry pan


Rice. Tomato sauce. A green pepper. Eggs.

This is cooking, folks: you take the random stuff you have in your fridge, saute in a fry pan with some pepper and spices, and you got yourself some dinner.

I fear this is what nobody knows how to do anymore: to take what you’ve got and make something tasty with it. I wouldn’t ascribe any particular cuisine to this–I added curry, garam masala, and black pepper for spices, then topped it off with a little sriracha.

I worry this is what, with Food Network culture and recipe books and such, that people don’t know how to do anymore. I worry that this is what I perpetuate with my own blog. I want to give people the instructions and inspiration to open their cupboards and fridges, instead of opening the take-out menu. I want to encourage people to go grocery shopping and think about where their food comes from. I want people to learn how tastes and textures compliment each other, regardless of a recipe. I know people who can “cook”: they can follow directions and make a specific dish. But when faced with leftovers, they’re helpless.

So. Here’s my blog and here’s my dinner. You! Go make something!


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