Tonight’s Drinkin: Tamarack Brewing Yard Sale Amber

tamarack amber beer...and flowers!

So I wrote earlier this week that upon hearing that Tamarack brewing of Lakeside opened a Missoula branch this week, I hop-skipped right on over to the joint to check it out.

Tamarack is, incidentally, four blocks down the street from my house and has a happy hour that neatly coincides with when I’m usually looking for a place to drink. I suspect circumstances will compel me to visit it often.

So me and my drinking buddy/roommate Elise decided to bring home a growler of this Yard Sale Amber. I am quite pleased! It’s about 5.5 percent, and very smooth and rich. Definitely has a caramel-y aftertaste to it. Everything I could want in an amber ale. Though in an amusing note, Elise’s brother apparently said, “Man, you know they’re running out of beer names when they name something the Yard Sale.”

Kate’s Beer Rating: 8/10


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