Tonight’s Drinkin’: Harvest Moon Brewing Beltian White

Bel-shun white. Say it right.

So this Beltian White is pretty ubiquitous around Missoula, so much so that I only recently realized how obscure Belt and Harvest Moon Brewing is.

Which is just fine by me. You’ve had Blue Moon’s Belgian White, right? This Beltian White is basically the same thing: a wheat beer with coriander and orange peel. It’s pronounced “Bel-shun,” too, as a play on Belgian. A friend of mine emailed the brewery and asked, so I have this on good authority.

Anyway, I happen to really like wheat beers with coriander and orange, and this is a gen-yu-wine microbrew, so I think it’s pretty badass. Beltian White isn’t too strong–I think it’s about 5 percent– and just a little sweet, so it’s a nice beer to have with a spicy dinner.

It’s also just as badass that my friend gave me a six pack for free!

(That is, he left it in my car. Hee hee.)

Kate’s Beer Rating: 8/10


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