Fun Things To Do With Whiskey: Warm Weather Edition

Yes, E Dubs is my favorite cheap whiskey. Bite me.

So now that summer is slowly but surely arriving, we need to figure out what to do with our whiskey!

But first, some thoughts on whiskey: please drink whiskey responsibly. Don’t get drunk off the cheap stuff. Christ, that’ll hurt the next day. I very much enjoy having one or two whiskey drinks in the evening, but if I start doing shots of this, I am gonna be in pain. I know some people (and by people, I mean alcoholics) who can pour themselves a pint glass of Old Crow and drink it straight, which makes me shudder. I also have friends who regularly swig Evan and chase it with a 40 oz of Old English. I run with a real classy crowd sometimes.

Anyway: whiskey is awesome in moderate amounts. Sure, I drank raspberry-infused vodka as an obnoxious freshman girl, but it was a matter of course that I’d come around to whiskey eventually. My parents are religious Jack Daniels drinkers: they’ve kept a handle of JD under the sink as long as I can remember. My mom has a wristband that says “WWJDD?” (Yes. What Would Jack Daniels Do?) My Dad has a whiskey-7 (that’s with 7-up) just about every evening.

Which brings me to how I take my whiskey. Whiskey cocoa and hot toddies just won’t do when you’re sipping something on the porch on a nice day. Here’s some cold whiskey drinks. Got any more you can think of ? Put ’em in the comments!

Whiskey Ginger

1 part whiskey

1 part ginger ale

Top with club soda

Whiskey Orange

1 part whiskey

1 part orange juice

Top with club soda

The White Southerner

1 part whiskey

1 part Kahlua

2 parts cream or milk

(Like a white Russian, but make it with Southern Comfort. Ha!)


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