Tonight’s Drinkin: Big Sky Summer Honey

Summer Honey and piles o' texts.

I’m slogging through the last of my academic tasks. But first, a beer post! We must always make time for beer.

So me and my roommate made a trip to Big Sky Brewery last week. It’s one of my favorite breweries to drink at, primarily because the beer is free. Yes! Free! The brewery legally can’t sell beer at their taproom, but they can offer up to 4 half-pint samples. Two pints is about what I normally drink anyway. And growler fills are 6 dollars, except for 5 dollar growler Tuesdays, making for a lot of real tasty microbrew for less money than you’ll spend on a sandwich these days. The only catch is that Big Sky is a 15 minute drive out of town (I rarely drive) and a pretty epic bicycle trip, so I don’t often make it out there.

Anyway, spring is approaching and the sun sometimes comes out, so we picked up a growler of Summer Honey. At 5 percent, it’s a light, smooth, slightly sweet beer perfect for warm weather. And for sipping while wading through papers.

Kate’s Beer Rating: 9/10

We also tried a few samples of the Honey Wit, which is pretty similar to Summer Honey, except it’s about 4.8 percent and a little drier and crisper. It was a tough decision, but Summer Honey gets me every time.

A sample of Big Sky Honey Wit


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