Caras Park Missoula Brewfest 2011: In Which A Lass Loses Her Brewfest Cherry (Part 1)

A sample of the Kettlehouse Al Pils pilsener at Garden City Brewfest.

This is a moment much like losing your first tooth or getting a driver’s license: attending your first brewfest. Yes. I am a beer reviewer and this was my first one. I must admit I haven’t actually been legal to drink for even a year yet. Consider me a beer prodigy, of sorts.

Today was the 19th annual Garden City Brewfest in downtown Missoula at Caras Park. I only went because I won tickets, but oh my Lord, am I glad I went. I walked in this morning a wee, innocent, sober young lass clutching my I.D. and my half-pint sample glass, and upon seeing the banners for so many excellent breweries I hadn’t tried, the heavens opened and choirs sang. I left a woman.

So, to the beers! I had already decided not to get a sample of a beer I’d already had, which wasn’t tough since I’d tried about 20 of the nearly 60 brews available. I ran into several local degenerates and sampled their beers, as well, and sometimes got them to pose with their beers. So. Forthwith to the reviews!

Bitterroot Huckleberry Hefeweizen

To start with, I went with something light and easy, Bitterroot Brewing’s Huckleberry Hefeweizen. My notes: “crsip, sweet, refreshing. Definitely huckleberry.” 5 percent. Kate’s Beer Rating: 7/10

Arrogant Bastard Ale

Next up was the Stone Brewing Arrogant Bastard Ale, modeled here by my former Kaimin editor Mr. Justin Franz. (Who somewhat resembles an arrogant bastard himself here.) I’ve always wanted to try this Arrogant Bastard but never felt like shelling out four bucks for a bottle. The description for this beer says “This is an aggressive beer. You probably won’t like it.” Clever marketing, right there, since it makes everybody who does like it feel special.

Anyway, it’s pretty tasty–definitely a powerful brew with lots of hops. A “sipper” beer, for sure. 7.2 percent. Kate’s Beer Rating: 7/10

Afterwards I moved to the Quarry Brewing Mica Maibock. Quarry Brewing is based out of Butte, the historic mining town, so it makes sense that they’re a mining-themed brewery. A smooth, light, sweet-ish brew, it went down real easy. This beer rocked. (Ha!) 6.8 percent. Kate’s Beer Rating: 8/10

Note: More beer reviews forthcoming! Wading through all my drinking is a work in progress.

Quarry Brewing Mica Maibock


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