Caras Park Missoula Brewfest: Part II ( feat. Highlander, Blacksmith, Rogue Brewing)

So at some point during Brewfest, it occurred to me in my lubricated wisdom that I should find a better way to keep track of the beers I was trying, so I have a bunch of scrawled notes on the Brewfest guide to work with, now. Woo hoo!

So in this next round, we have the Blacksmith Brewing May Day IPA. As Steel here put it, “This is like getting hit in the face with a pine cone.” Very pine-tastic IPA. 7 percent. You either like IPAs, or you don’t. Definitely a sipper.

Next up was the Highlander, the historic beer first made in Missoula about 100 years ago. Some enterprising folks have started up Missoula Brewing Company and brought it back. It’s a tasty, crisp red ale. Easy to drink at 4 percent.

Last in this round was Rogue Brewing Hazelnut Brown Nectar, an ale that I didn’t try, but a couple friends did. Franz liked it, but my friend Elise voted it far too hazelnut-y for her taste.

Don’t miss: Brewfest Part I, featuring Bitteroot’s Huckleberry Hef, Stone Brewing’s Arrogant Bastard, Quarry Brewing’s Mica Maibock. Part III coming soon!

Steel stoically holds a Blacksmith Brewing May Day.


Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar


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