Fingerling Potatoes and Mustard Greens

Yes, that is the only pretty plate I own.

Funny how now that classes are over, I feel way more motivated to get up, make breakfast and go to campus to study.

Anyhoo, the farmer’s markets are all about greens and potatoes right now, which pleases me immensely since they’re really easy to deal with. So here’s a breakfast I threw together this morning. Never worry about buying a bunch of greens: you can never have too many! They have, like, a weensy amount of calories and lots of healthy stuff. Not that that’s a concern for me, I mostly like how tasty they are.

I happen to have a ton of mustard greens right now. If you’re wondering what to do with ’em, I recommend this. Use whatever vinegar or wine you like for the greens: I love rice vinegar for it’s perfect tangyness, but some balsamic would be good, or even a glug of whatever wine you have.

Greens ‘n Taters

Some mustard greens

Some fingerling potatoes

Vinegar, oil, garlic salt, pepper

First, saute your greens with a couple splashes of vinegar until wilted. Mustard greens cook up pretty fast, but if you’re using collard greens, it’ll take longer and you’ll want more vinegar. Once wilted, put em on a plate, wipe out the pan and heat up a glug of oil. Dice up the potatoes as thinly as possible, and fry until tender with some garlic salt and pepper. Put on top of the greens. Crumble some cheese on top, if you like.

I then fried a couple eggs in the same oil, and topped the whole mess with sriracha and ketchup. Om nom nom. Now, to study for that Women in Film final!


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