Missoula Brewfest Part IV: McSorley’s Black Lager, Redhook Wit

McSorley's Irish Black Lager

Can a person get tired of beer? It’s tough to say. But after a full day of drinking such excellent beers, you really need to take a break. Here’s the last few beers I had at Brewfest. I should note that several excellent wines were available for sampling as well, and we’d like to try them sometime. I had to stick with beer today. Being a beer connoisseur is way more affordable than being a wine snob, you see.

So here’s the last two brews we got! By the end of the day, pickings were pretty slim. But nonetheless excellent. I got this McSorley’s Irish Black Lager, and my roommate went with the Redhook Brewing Wit, both about 5 percent. They made for nice end-of-the-day beers: the Irish black lager reminded me of a stout, but a little less heavy. The Redhook Wit is light and crisp.

And thus, Brewfest came to an end. I must confess that later that night, I ended up drinking PBR with my buddies. But only because it was free. And sometimes crappy beer is a good palate cleanser, or else you forget what good beer is.

A very happy roommate sampling the Red Hook Wit.


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