Tonight’s Drinkin: Angry Hank’s Massive Head Trauma and Dirty Girl

Angry Hank's Massive Head Trauma IPA

So I’m spending the week with my family in eastern Montana as a vacation from being an unemployed Missoulian. I’m taking the time to sample the finest brews Billings has to offer. My life is hard.

So it’s probably a good thing that Angry Hank’s brewery in Billings, Montana is 400 miles from my apartment, or I’d take up residence.

This is the taproom of my dreams: pints are $3, they offer a variety of simple but tasty brews, popcorn is free, and on weekday afternoons, the place isn’t too crowded. This is probably my favorite part–I’m somewhat crabby and hard-of-hearing, so I avoid loud, crowded drinking establishments.

I also enjoy Angry Hank’s beer names. Upon arriving, I went straight for the strongest beer on the list: Massive Head Trauma IPA. Their standard IPA is the Head Trauma, at 6 percent, and the Massive is 9 percent. It was a hoppy, bitter, pine-y brew: very enjoyable to sip. Kate’s Beer Rating: 8/10

Angry Hank's Dirty Girl dunkel weizen. Yes, I knit in bars. What?

Next up, I went with the Dirty Girl dunkel weizen: a dark wheat beer, 5.5 percent. It was what you’d expect from a dark weizen: a tad citrusy and sweet, heavier than most wheat beers, but still lighter than an ale. I didn’t like this as much as I thought I would, probably because the IPA kicked my butt and I needed to eat dinner. I headed home after this, but their Dog Slobber ale and the Pasty White Boy lager are on my list to try next. Kate’s Beer Rating: 6/10


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