Sausage, Beet Stalks and Peppers Braised In Red Wine

Sausage, beet stalks and red pepper! A very red dinner.

Question: Can you take some wilting beet stalks and a red pepper, and turn it into something fucking delicious?

Answer: Hell yes. Especially if you have some sausage and wine on hand.

So the farmers market beets I bought are long gone, but I still have stalks and greens to work with. I chopped my veggies up, fried ’em, added a little red wine and some diced sausage, and voila. Flavorful, easy, delicious, and fast. (Remind you of anyone?) I served it over brown rice.

Sausage, Beet Stalks and Peppers in Red Wine (serves 2)

Sausage: approximately 1/2 pound, diced

Handful of beet stalks, leaves removed and chopped

Red bell pepper, diced

1/4 cup of red wine (give or take)

Salt, pepper to taste

Heat up some oil in a skillet, add the beet stalks (reserving the leaves for later) and a few dashes of whatever spices you like. You can’t go wrong with pepper and salt. Stir frequently, and when the stalks are tender, toss in the red pepper and sausage and let it brown a bit. Pour in some red wine, maybe a splash of water. When the sausage is cooked through, and the sauce has reduced a little, top off with the beet greens and stir around until wilted.



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