Yes, I’m still alive and cooking.

I’ve been rather lazy with keeping up this here blog lately, since unemployment’s been keeping me busier than I thought. Hey, those episodes of Trailer Park Boys aren’t gonna watch themselves.

Anyways, it seems my unemployment is miraculously temporary, since I have landed myself a job! With my journalism degree! How crazy is that? I also listen to Wild Cherry on vinyl. Yes, I am blogging from a 1970s time warp.

So I’m very excited to head to greener pastures, new grocery stores and different breweries. I’d tell you where, but then I’d have to kill you. Well, actually, I keep waiting for somebody to call me and say “PSYCH! We were shitting you,” though judging by the paperwork I’ve filled out, this job is not a figment of my imagination. You’ll find out soon enough.

I’d like to note, Dear Reader, that I’ll always stay poor, drunk and hungry for you. I suppose getting a professional job out of college counts as being a “grownup,” but I certainly don’t feel like one. Yesterday I swiped macaroni noodles and cans of tuna from my mom’s pantry before driving back to Missoula. My buddies and I spent all night drinking beer and taking pictures of ourselves wearing weird outfits.

Maybe one of these days the Maturity Fairy will tap me with her wand and I’ll turn into someone insufferably mature, responsible and boring. And not perpetually hungover. But for now, this whole pretending-to-be-an-adult thing is pretty hilarious.


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