Tonight’s Drinkin: Pendleton Oregon’s Prodigal Son Brewery

Pendleton, Oregon's one and only Prodigal Son.

So Poor, Drunk and Hungry is now coming to you from eastern Oregon! Careers will make you do crazy things. Anyhoo, my new residence for the indeterminate future will be the little town of Pendleton, Oregon (pop: 16,000.) Going from Missoula, which has a sixth brewery opening in a few months, to single-brewery Pendleton is a major bummer, but, well, Missoula’s proportion of breweries is inverse to the number of available journalism jobs there, so here I am. I am pleased to be a three-hour drive from craft beer mecca Portland, so I expect I’ll be taking lots of trips on weekends.

Anyway, I do look forward to calling the Prodigal Son brewery home, and not just because I have to. The spacious one-year-old joint is in a warehouse two blocks from my office, which is mighty convenient. The brews I’ve tried have been solid and the food is awesome–I had my first scotch egg this weekend and it won’t be my last! Anyway, I tried the Neuer Morgan Belgian strong ale–about 8 percent, as I recall–and the Beer Named Sue 4.8 percent golden ale, both smooth and delicious. I reckon I’ll have to get me a Prodigal Son growler before long.


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