Tonight’s Drinkin: Eugene, OR Ninkasi Brewing Spring Reign Ale

Ninkasi Spring Reign Ale

Moving sucks. I deeply long for a fairy wand or Mary Poppins bag to make this just a little easier. The obvious answer is to have less stuff to move, but I still need a bed to sleep on and clothes to wear and pots to cook with, and damn that all stuff is heavy and takes up a lot of space.

Anyway, I’ve been so darn busy between starting a new job and dealing with my shit and dealing with the random crap the last renter left in my apartment (seriously, bags of recycling were stuffed into the closet) that I’ve been neglecting this here blog quite a bit! Anyway, I did get a chance to grab this Ninkasi ale, probably mostly because it has such a pretty label and, at 6 percent, seemed like something that would motivate me without making me sleepy.

Served admirably. Maybe a little more hoppy than I expected, especially as it came to room temperature, but still refreshing and crisp. I was also intrigued by their Tricerahops IPA. Clever names get me every time. I’m not a giant IPA fan, but I may have to pick one up to bring to my IPA-loving friends back in Missoula.

Kate’s Beer Rating: 7/10


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