Spicy Mexican-inspired Breakfast Scramble

Tortillas, I have missed you.

The toughest thing about being young, single and cooking for yourself isn’t the time or skills necessary, it’s about having the inspiration. Cooking for other people inspires me to get creative and do different things. When I live alone, I’m like, “fuck it, I’ll just have popcorn for dinner again.”

I have a fridge full of farmer’s market veggies, but I’ve had trouble summoning the mojo to do something with them. Sometimes I get in a stir-fry rut and I forget there’s condiments besides soy sauce in the world.

I also realized that I like to make breakfast scrambles and put ’em in a tortilla, but my fridge curiously has been lacking in tortillas, since it turns out my roommate always buys them and I kipe onto hers. Ah. So yesterday I snagged some tortillas and busted out the cumin and chili powder, and felt like cooking! Turns out all I needed was a little Mexican on my plate.


So if you need a little inspiration, here’s something to work with:

Mexican-style breakfast scramble

A few cups of chopped veggies. Here I have onions, fava beans, broccoli, zucchini and red pepper

Cumin, chili powder, cayenne for seasoning

Couple eggs for scrambling

Shredded cheese

Picante sauce, sour cream, Tapatio for toppings

In a large skillet, saute veggies in oil until tender, and stir in spices for a couple minutes until fragrant. In a smaller skillet, scramble some eggs. Slide it all onto a tortilla and top it off with the good stuff.


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