Tonight’s Drinkin: Whiskey Sours with Homemade Simple Syrup Sour Mix

I don’t have no fancy picture on this ’cause I drank all the whiskey too fast. Whoops.

Anyhoo, I love whiskey sours–the deliciously tart and sweet way to knock back some E.Dub.

(That’s Evan Williams for y’all. I realize that I’ve moved to Pendleton, namesake of an actual good whisky, but my college heart still longs for the cheap crap.)

But I’m not a fan of buying sour mix–by the time I decide I want a whiskey sour, I usually don’t feel like going all the way to the store for it and the stuff’s loaded with weird additives and hi-fructose corn syrup. Yes, you might argue that I’m putting crap in my body drinking cheap booze, but I…don’t have a good comeback for that. Whatever. The point is, this is easy and cheap.

Homemade Sour Mix

1 cup water

1 cup sugar

3 to 4 tablespoons lemon and lime juice to taste

To make simple syrup, bring water to a boil, stir in sugar, and take off the heat as soon as it gets clear. Let cool, and stir in lemon and lime juice until it reaches your desired tartness. Don’t act like sampling a sugar syrup repeatedly is hard work. Put it in a jar and set it in the fridge for a bit. In your glass, add some ice cubes, pour in some whiskey, pour in sour mix, top off with club soda.

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One thought on “Tonight’s Drinkin: Whiskey Sours with Homemade Simple Syrup Sour Mix

  1. hello wonderful,
    I just discovered this blog, the idea is fantastic and I love your posts. I want to share this on my FB page so all my fellow co-eds can partake in this drunken feasting. They are already good at the drunken part 😉 you should really add a link so I can share this page on my facebook properly, please and thank u.

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