Tonight’s Drinkin: Lost Coast Tangerine Wheat

I remain a powerful skeptic of fruity or flavored beers. I think they’re often made to cater to people who don’t like beer flavored beer. Wusses.

Anyhoo, I do sometimes succumb to citrusy beers, because those flavors tend to be milder compared to raspberry or blueberry flavors that smack you in the face with artificial fruity crapola. So I grabbed the Lost Coast Tangerine Wheat because the label insists the flavors are natural.

After opening the bottle–with a can opener, no less, because I just lost my awesome Sierra Nevada bottle opener somewhere in the Clark Fork (we’ve got a spare car key, but complimentary key chains are irreplaceable. damn!)–the first whiff I got reminded me of the “Tangerine” lotion from Bath and Body Works that I loved when I was 15.

Fortunately, after that first strong whiff the beer’s a light, sweetish fruity wheat brew without any more of that overpowering lotion scent. At 5 percent, it’s nice for sipping on a hot summer evening.

Kate’s Beer Rating: 7/10


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