Homemade Salsa Verde Without A Food Processor

Tomatillos! Deliciousness! Photo from flickr

I swear to you, Internets, that even though I have not personally posted a recipe in forever I am cooking. I’m definitely eating still, anyway. Since I live alone now, much of my cooking mojo has dissipated, and since it’s the height of farmer’s market season, I often succumb to bringing home nothing but bags and bags of tomatoes and apples. I never tire of juicy, warm, ripe tomatoes in season. I pop the sweet, tart cherry tomatoes like candy and slice the enormous heirloom purple-maroon varieties onto dark whole-wheat bread with butter and sometimes a slice of cheese. I can live on this for a long time.

But…I swear I am cooking. Just yesterday I made salsa verde! I’m also trying to figure out how to preserve all of the farmer’s market goodness right now, without having to resort to canning. If you have any ideas, let me know.

I had, for instance, a ridiculous amount of tomatillos because the guy was selling a pound for a dollar and I couldn’t resist, even though I’ve never actually cooked with them before. They look like little tiny green pumpkins! They’re so cute. I knew I could make salsa verde with them, but all the recipes I’ve seen called for chucking them into a food processor, which I don’t have. I have a really old-school food processor: my two hands and a sharp knife.

So yesterday, in about an hour, I dispatched a number of tomatillos and jalapenos into about two cups’ worth of salsa verde. Now, we’ll see how long two cups of tangy, spicy salsa verde lasts one Kate…

Homemade Salsa Verde

2 pounds tomatillos, unwrapped, soaked and rinsed to remove stickiness

3 or 4 jalapenos, however many floats your boat

1/2 white or yellow onion

Cilantro, however much you like

Salt and pepper, to taste

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Lay out unwrapped tomatillos, jalapenos and onion–nothing needs to be diced here, leave everything whole. Roast for about 15 minutes, until tomatillos have turned a warm yellow color.

Allow everything to cool a bit. Chuck it in the food processor, if you have one, and pulse with cilantro until chunky.

If you lack a food processor, well, get to choppin’. De-stem the jalapenos and remove most of the seeds. Finely diced up the onions, jalapenos and cilantro. Next, go after the tomatillos: they’re very juicy and squishy, so you’ll find it’s easy to chop them up into a fine paste. Thoroughly stir everything in a bowl.

Add a little salt and pepper. Not sure how long this keeps…I guess we’ll find out.


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