Cooking, I swear

Hey kids, it’s been a while since I’ve posted a recipe. I promise I’m cooking up all sorts of tasty things–homemade ricotta, bitch!–but haven’t had the mojo to post about it. Really, I blame Netflix. I used to come home and, without a TV to occupy me, cook something and write about it. These days, I come home to the luscious embrace of True Blood or Deadwood on Netflix. Since day-old Daily Show and Colbert Report stream on Hulu, I just get sucked into mind-numbing television.

Anyway, cooking. I totes am. I made fabulous cauliflower gratin as a side dish for Thanksgiving (a casserole of cauliflower, cream sauce and cheese. Dying young never tasted so good) and a kick-ass curried butternut squash soup and many batches of chili, since vegetarian chili from dry beans feeds me for a week on like $4 total. That’s how I save money for fancy beer, kids.

Also have managed to treat myself to Voodoo Donuts like six times in the past few months, which is impressive given I don’t actually live in Portland. (But if I visit for enough weekends, I can sorta pretend like I do.)

At the moment, I’m planning on making pork tenderloin, mashed potatoes and roasted broccoli for my friend’s birthday. And, to my shame, funfetti cake from a box, because that’s what he asked for and I would never break the sacred Birthday Cake Rule. (The Birthday Person gets whatever kind of cake they want. Durr.)

I still have to figure out logistics, like how I’m going to make several dishes at my apartment and transport via bicycle to his, because one of us has the fully-equipped kitchen and one of us has the heated apartment. Guess who? Also, yes, I’m working on moving to a heated apartment, because as I type this it’s approximately 40 degrees in here and I’m clinging to my space heater for dear life. (Long story short, my landlord is a moron and I do not inspect apartments thoroughly enough before moving in.)

So…Jesus, look at the time. I need to wash off last night’s whiskey and put on my apron.

My message to you, Dear Reader, as always: Go cook something.


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