Eastern Oregon Brew News: Prodigal Son, Dragon’s Gate

First, to tackle something I meant to write about back in December when I actually published the article: a new brewery will be setting up shop in eastern Oregon soon! Excitement! Adam and Jennifer Gregory are a Milton-Freewater couple who remodeled a shed into a mini-brewery and plan to start selling on a very small-time basis once they have all their permits done in spring.

Dragon’s Gate brewery will be medieval-themed, as you might suspect after visiting with Adam, who rocks a utili-kilt, and see the suit of armor and Toscano-type furniture decorating their property. Neat-o.

So the Gregorys were kind enough to send me home with some samples of their products (which I drank after writing the article, so as not to be biased. Professionalism!) and a couple of their recipes need tweaking. I tried their porter, Belgian tripel, and Belgian IPA…and the porter was wonderful, coffee-rich and dry, and disappeared between my two friends very quickly.

The Belgians need work, though, or filtering of some kind. I opened both and took a swig to find a strong anise/soapy flavor. After pouring into a pint, the flavors melded and settled and I could taste a hint of what these beers could be: unique, for sure, but sweet and brightly floral.

I eagerly await trying out Dragon’s Gate again when they’re properly open, anyhoo. These folks have branding and marketing down, so I think some more solid brews are all they need to tie it together.

Here’s the Dragon’s Gate site and Facebook.

And in Pendleton brew news, Prodigal Son has three flagships back on the menu after scrambling when brewmaster and co-founder Brian Harder split early in December. Co-owner Tim Guenther tells me a part-time brewer is commuting every few days from western Oregon to tide them over while they figure out their next move. It’s nice to see Beer Named Sue, Wheatstock Hefeweizen and Bruce/Lee Porter back on tap, anyhoo.


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