When Life Gives You Lemons, PARTY! Some tips

My numbered days here in eastern Oregon are counting down, and by this time next week I’ll have packed up and hit the road.

I’ve had nine different addresses since college started. I don’t even know for sure where I’ll be sleeping this time next week. Ain’t your early twenties grand? A friend suggested I list my license plate number on forms.

Anyway, before a move or life change, the best thing to do is throw a party. Nothing marks an occasion like inviting people to drink with you! I partied when I got this job, I partied when I lost it, and you can expect further partying from me in the future.

Tips For Throwing A Fun, Cheap Party For All Ages:

Know your people, and adjust accordingly. I know a mellow crowd here, so I invited folks over at 5 p.m. to play board games.

Supply food. From Sunday afternoon get-together to Halloween rager, snacks help extend the fun, much like a condom. Do you want people to be moderately drunk for a while, or really drunk briefly and blow their fun wad?

Ask people to bring snacks and drinks. Less pressure on you to have a ton of food, and they can just pick up some chips and dip and beer and feel good.

Supply a moderate amount of decent booze. My bottom line is people looking to get drunk will generally bring enough to achieve their goal. Stock enough for yourself, keeping in mind the host needs to keep her shit together, and for the people you anticipate will just want a couple beers. I find a case of a hefeweizen or ale from Blue Moon, Widmer or Fat Tire is affordable and crowd pleasing.

Regardless of age or paycheck, people will bring chips and dip. Don’t bother buying any.

Make a main dish of something easy to set out with fixins. Stuff like chili or tacos is cheap to make, tasty and filling. If you’re moving soon, this is a good time to cook up anything random in your cupboard to get rid of it.

Jello shots are kinda gross, actually. Now what am I going to do with all this leftover HRD vodka? Dammit.

Interactive games are a good idea. Gives people something to do besides nervously drink until they feel social (is that just me?), so your party turns more fun more quickly.

Let the party go where it wants to. As a host, I always get all Martha-y and perfectionist and then remember that if people would rather eat pie standing up in the kitchen with their hands, that’s okay too.

Turn off the TV, turn on some fun music. Television ruins parties because people quit interacting to watch, and that’s opposite of your goal. Pandora stations are good, what with the minimal advertising. Music encourages dancing, too! If you have created an atmosphere that allows drunk people to cut loose in your living room, you have succeeded marvelously.


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