It’s A Herb, Man: Things to Do with Cilantro and Parsley

You know how it is: you buy some fresh cilantro or parsley to make a tasty garnish, and after pulling off a few sprigs, are left with a pile of unused greens that end up going bad and getting tossed out.

Unless you’re like my friend Elise, who can eat cilantro like it was lettuce.

For those of us who don’t enjoy eating giant piles of raw, plain herbs, there’s many ways to use them! Fresh herbs were unknown to me growing up, since my mom isn’t a fan of anything but basil, so I feel insta-fancy adding them to my plate.

**Pretend like there’s a pretty picture of green herbs right here, because goddamn WordPress isn’t letting me upload photos right now.**

Things to Do With Extra Herbs:

Pesto: Finely chop or food-process with some olive oil, garlic and pine nuts if you can afford ’em. Put on everything.

Cilantro-lime yogurt dip: Finely mince a handful of cilantro and stir into two or three cups of plain yogurt. Squeeze in some lemon juice and a few dashes of cumin and curry. Stir well and refrigerate for a few hours or overnight for the tastiest dip ever.

Tangy lemony topping: Finely mince the whole lot of parsley, cilantro and whatever and toss in a bowl with a few tablespoons of lemon or lime juice, salt and pepper. This is a refreshing, tart, flavorful topping for tacos, chili, scrambled eggs or whathaveyou, and it will last in your fridge much longer than the plain herbs.

Got suggestions? Post ’em in the comments.


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