Goddamn, they’ll let you get away with anything here

So I’m busy settling in to a new place and my new job here in western Washington! As such I have far less time to bike around drinking all day and sampling exotic restaurants, and now it’s back to three-ish meals a day, often eaten at a desk in front of my computer. Something about putting in eight hours of work makes a beer taste really good at the end of the day. Doubly so for whiskey.

It’ll be a while before I feel like I’m on an even keel, but I’m so glad to be reunited with my apron, a kitchen and streaming NPR, things which always reset all my switches and calm me down.

I’m really excited that I’ve moved to a region with awesome local food. I’ve already stocked up on giant loaves of grain-studded brown bread from Morningside Bakery in Port Orchard and a half-gallon of Blackjack Valley Farms raw milk and some rosemary-chicken sausage from a Seattle company.

Lemme back up: RAW milk. Snooty locavore alert: I’m kind of a milk snob, and I prefer non-homogenized, local and organic, but I had no idea raw milk was legal anywhere. Holy shit. What other kinds of stuff is legal in Washington, then? They let gays marry here, too? Jesus, what a state.

It’s funny, how I’d absolutely never planned on moving to Washington. Leaving school, I’d had my heart set on Oregon–too many games of Oregon Trail as a kid perhaps. I’m sad it didn’t happen between me and Portland, but not sad to be finding cool stuff in this green, wet Pacific Northwest.


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