Summer Dessert: Orange Dream Pie

First off, thanks to my friend Dan for giving me this idea. Facebook crowdsourcing for the win! I substituted fresh, ripe pluot slices for canned mandarin oranges because I’m fancy like that.

I’ve been looking for a good summery recipe that doesn’t involve elaborate baking or overly heavy flavors, so this refreshing fruity pie fits those bills while not skimping on calories. Calories are important.

Making pies always makes me want to watch the movie Waitress again. In my little fantasy Waitress world I give away the baby and keep Nathan Fillion, but the actual movie ending is cute, too.

A note on the pie crust: I like the organic Pacific brand that Good Food Store carries, it’s made with real butter and smells like angels when you bake it. Also: do remember to bake it, instead of pouring the filling into the raw shell and then having to dump it all out and wipe the crust real good before sticking it in the oven. Dammit. I hadn’t had my coffee yet, okay?

Also, I feel like a poser for not making my own pie crust, but it’s tough to do well without a food processor and I don’t want to inflict lumpy handmade dough on the people I feed.

A note on the whipped cream: Cool whip is the devil. Whip your own goddamn cream thusly: Put a cup of chilled heavy cream into a large bowl with a tablespoon of powdered sugar and some vanilla extract, and beat with a handheld mixer until soft peaks form. For bonus points with your boozy friends, stir a tablespoon of whiskey or rum into it.

A note on pluots: They’re a sweet, tasty combination between plums and apricots. You could also use nectarines, which are just peaches without the fuzz. Or whatever. It’s your pie. Make sure you use something good and ripe, though, lest your pie be ruined by gnawing on tough, unripe slices.

Orange Dream Pie (Makes One)

Baked deep dish pie crust, cooled

2 cups whipped cream

Half a quart of orange yogurt

Two or three pluots, plums or nectarines, sliced about  1/4 inch thin

In a bowl, use a spatula to combine whipped  cream and orange yogurt until smooth. Pour into pie shell. Arrange fruit slices on top and freeze until firmish, about 20 to 30 minutes. Important: don’t let this freeze completely solid, or it will take approximately two Game of Thrones episodes to thaw enough to cut.

Slice just before serving.


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