I hate being a deadbeat blogger, but it’s time to admit it: this blog’s on hiatus for a while. Maybe ever. Not ruling out the possibility of a Blink-182-style revamp. (They have another album coming out soon. Eyeroll.)

It’s not like I’m not cooking– boiling pears in a caramel sauce right this second actually– and reading and thinking about it a ton. It’s that I’m not compelled to write about it, or if I am, I’m writing about it for an outlet that will pay me. I love writing for free but I love writing for moneys and a printed product a hell of a lot more.

I always suffer from feelings of inadequacy looking at this blog, because it is never going to be what I fantasized when I started. To have a popular food blog and get product endorsement deals and Food Network shows, you have to be, uh, rather different than Poor, Drunk and Hungry. My focus has always been on snappy writing and irreverently dispatched missives on food, but the rest of the world prefers cute interfaces with pink, curly fonts and lots of beautiful photography of the steps of each recipe. A focus on writing gets lost in the visual-obsessed world of the internet.

I have spent most of my life caring about words, not caring about graphic design or owning a nice camera. Don’t get me wrong: I love gorgeous food blogs and half of my recipes these days come from Joy the Baker. But I cannot be Joy the Baker. And every time I log into this intending to post something, I feel like the writing won’t be up to par and the photo will be lousy. (I can guarantee the photo will be lousy, my camera ain’t for shit.) I’m busy doing other shit, anyway, like working two jobs and running Missoula Punk News (which fills a need in this town, which is hilarious) and making dinner for my brother and sister and knitting and…yeah.

So, anyhoo, this blog is on hiatus. You can find a trillion marvelous places to read and write about cooking, food and where it comes from. Start with Cook’s Illustrated and go from there.



P.S. I got all caught up writing this and burned the shit out of the caramel sauce and pears. Remember: you can usually cut the burned parts off and the rest is okay! Sigh.


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