Photo by the supremely talented Jayme Fraser

Brilliant chef and critical darling KATE WHITTLE baked her first souffle at the age of four. She cut her teeth in the culinary wilds of eastern Montana, cooking with grouse and sagebrush, before leaving for Brooklyn, where she fell in with Ukrainians and played tambourine for Gogol Bordello. After battling and overcoming a cocoa powder addiction, she left the U.S. to travel the world, eventually rising from dishwasher to chef at L’éponge Fantaisie, an acclaimed Paris restaurant that earned two Michelin stars under ‘Le Découper,’ as Whittle was known to her French colleagues.

Eventually, she tired of churning out boeuf bourguignon and returned to Shepherd, Montana, where she raises sheep, runs a moonshine still, plants nothing but tomatoes in her garden and knits penguin sweaters. Her acclaimed memoir, “Drunk Again: Rememberies of a Boozy Cook” is on shelves now. Look for her irreverent cooking show on the Food Network primetime this fall!

Or, if you find that tough to believe:

My mission is simple: I like to eat well, but I’m also young, single and not overpaid. It can be tough to find cooking advice for people like me. This blog is advice and musings on food by and for the poor, drunk and hungry.

P.S., if you take the time to run the French words above through Babelfish and then giggle at how absurd my jokes are, CONGRATULATIONS YOU WIN A PRIZE of having too much time on your hands.

Also, please email me at justwhittlin [at] hotmail [dot] com if you’d like to offer me a book advance or unsolicited come-on.


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