Ratatouille. Make it.

Hey guys.

The fall harvest season is here. It’s like Christmas, but with tomatoes instead of awkward chit-chat with relatives, so better. I am going to be living off ratatouille for the foreseeable future.

Ratatouille should not be pretty. Mine looks like wretched, even worse than that picture. Wretchedly awesome. I roasted a batch in my half-size casserole dish and ate the whole thing, with a glass of milk and a toasted buttered baguette. I REGRET NOTHING.

Ratatouille, Roughly:

Dice up a bunch of eggplant, zucchini, red onion, tomatoes and garlic cloves. Toss it all in drizzled olive oil, balsamic vinegar and sea salt. Put it in a casserole dish and roast it for an hour or so on 375 ’til everything’s squishy and your house smells angelic.